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Propane & Butane

bottled-gas What’s the difference? LPG exists in two forms: Propane and Butane. The difference in their properties means that they are particularly suited to specific uses. Propane’s lower boiling point suits outdoor storage and is primarily used for central heating, cooking and numerous commercial applications. Butane, which doesn’t work in colder conditions, is best used indoors and is perfect for powering indoor portable heaters

Where can it be used?

One of LPG’s greatest strengths is its versatility, with over 1000 different uses: in the home for heating and real flame cooking; in the garden for barbecues; in your vehicle to lower your transport costs; commercially in forklift trucks, farming, industrial heating, catering and caravan parks to name but a few.


With bottled gas you don’t have to live without the benefits of mains gas just because you don’t live in an area with mains gas supply. Cooking on a real gas flame, domestic central heating, living flame fires, patio heating, leisure gas… Switch to bottled gas and you’ll get all this and more – delivered FREE direct to your door.


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